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"Heleniq has a unique talent in harnessing the buried talent and uniqueness in all people. Advancing performance, interpersonal relationships and emotional intelligence is her forte."

The Key To Develop Human Potential

One of the most eye-opening activities we do in our work is to put teams and employees together into various groups based on the way they think (and behave) and have them perform challenging tasks of problem-solving and creativity. Without fail, when teams are put in groups where there is diversity in thinking styles, they come to the conclusion that diversity in thought is a clear booster of the way they work and their performance. In most cases, this realization is buoyed by the actual results of the exercise—more creative, comprehensive solutions reached more quickly.

It’s a powerful message, but some of the power is due to a lack of diversity in thinking styles in many organizations, particularly in the reaches of upper management. There’s a reason people are leaders, the conventional wisdom would state—right? Well, not so fast. What happens when one leader is effective? Organizations have a tendency to clone the thinking, behavioral, and personality styles of that leader. The danger quickly becomes group-think or solutions that only meet a portion of the problem.

Diversity of thought brings clear advantages to the table:

A clearer perspective for a broad audience segment

Your target markets and audiences are diverse and made up of the full gamut of thinking and behavioral styles; utilize in-house resources to ensure communication is on point across the board.

Creative tension

With diversity in thinking styles, the creative process becomes a more combative (in a good way) formula, where the best ideas rise and usually are a combination of many perspectives.

Employee engagement

When employees know their thinking and behavioral styles are appreciated, engagement and the propensity to contribute goes up.

Appreciation of all kinds of diversity

When cognitive diversity is touted and appreciated, employees see that differences go beyond culture, race, gender, experience, etc. and can understand that these too must be valued.

Speed to proficiency

 With a cognitively diverse workforce, employees can more easily find those who think and behave in their preferred format and accentuate their strengths to become more proficient more quickly.

Get It Back

Scientific studies have demonstrated that success in the workplace and living as a healthy human being are heavily dependent on curiosity. But many people tend to lose their curiosity. Cracking the Curiosity Code helps the reader determine what causes their lack of curiosity, and how to get it back.

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Enjoy a bonus series of brain booster audios. These help you develop some experience in the 3 areas for ultimate peak performance, Relaxation for rejuvenation, Energy to build momentum and Mental focus for a powerfully concentrated mind  How do we overcome the things that distract us and overstimulate us sabotaging our productivity?  In this series of audios the key performance disruptors can be outlined actionable steps to start overcoming those barriers. It is time to start utilizing and developing your curiosity and grow your career in the process!

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