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Meet Heleniq Argyrou

Award-Winning Speaker, Innovator, Conference Founder, Human Behaviour, Aha Intelligence and Flow State Expert

Heleniq possesses a rare and misunderstood quality, in Greek, ‘ethos’ which means good character, but practically it is used to describe those with a rare integrity and purity...Heleniq honors this word.

Korina Kontaksaki Theatro Transcendental, Cyprus. 

“You are the revolution”

Hand downs, by most who know her well, Heleniq is experienced as a unique and deeply inspiring individual, accent on the individual. She is an award winning innovator and forecaster, a true luminary for our times.

She stand on the heads of psychological and human behavior giants to cross the spectrum into leadership and teambuilding

With clients like from the European Commission, BMW, Ethicon Products, Vodacom and the United Nations Development Projects to Universities, hospitals and Montessori schools.

Any experienced dancer or driver knows how important it is to keep one eye fixed on the horizon line. Though the edge is still far ahead, this is the time to navigate your speed, maneuverings and  that is the time to start paddling, to get into position and get ready. Leave it too long or fail to move at all, and you’ll be wiped out as the wave crashes you.

Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is an expert in inspiring and actualizing human potential, an innovative clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, corporate and group organizational trainer and facilitator. Heleniq is a 'flow' state expert having explored the neuroscientific bounds of peak performance. As a drummer reaching peak states, she was initially self trained and later trained by world renowned percussionists Layne Redmond, Rowan Storm and Master Zohar Fresco, on frame and tambourine and in djembe Arthur Hull teambuilding drum circle methods.




Her most recent "calling' is Women of Truth International /YinAltihea worldwide campaign born from Cyprus to develop professional and personal growth of women ready to lead. Founding this after 2 conferences and then interviewing 60 global women leaders to answer the question…”what is the biggest lie women believe and what is the truth?” it became clear to Heleniq that the subjugation of women is both inflicted from complex gender inequality based biases, a patriarchal paradigm subverting female qualities and also by women themselves. We must tackle both and our interest to do so is underway in conferences in Netherlands with ‘revolutionary female leaders’ humbled, under the radar women now asked to showcase their brilliance and 'The new femininity’ where women redefine the qualities of their self image, design again what it means to be a woman, go beyond subversion and crack glass ceilings.


Popular Women of Truth topics and Speeches :

-The Liberation from Subversion of Working Women and Mompreneurs
-Peak Performance for a female future of female leadership
-The 3 step visibility credibility integrity formulae
-The 9 styles of leadership for awakening women
-The 5 types of female power
-The Mistakes smart beautiful women make
-The Biggest Lie Retold by WOMEN OF TRUTH

For access to any of these please apply here .

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Heleniq hosts the Women Of Truth conferences in Netherlands, Cyprus and the X factor group on Facebook, LinkedIn. Soon an Female leadership Inner circle for women wishing to become global experts and launch in europe begins with more than 20 years of research based training on ways to develop visibility, credibility and integrity, publicity and powerful pitching ideas tips and secrets, confidence boosting, a mompreneurs manual, how to launch in Europe, divine femininity and confidence enriching insights  and so much more.

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Heleniq Argyrou M.A. Peak Performance Trainer, Speaker

About Heleniq

Heleniq Argyrou also collaborating with 4 African drum masters, a Senegalise and 2 from the Ghanaian National Ballet, then recently with Mamady Keita she mixed her psychological expertise and neuroscience study with Dr Benonzon, the world standard music therapist trainer and Dr Claudio Naranjos neurosis of Character methods to further evolve an exclusive 'Drum Therapy' method for schools and symptom reduction. Gifted and now specialised to support the next level of influencers, high achievers Heleniq now runs an inner circle for Global experts training women into luminaries. Heleniq is a Vipassana meditator and advanced yogi with a spectrum of interventions from professional to grassroots, as a clinician, trainer and drum performer, and recently also as DrumShaman.

It’s much the same when looking to ride the waves of change. Smart individuals recognize how important it is to have one eye firmly fixed on what lies ahead. Failing to identify and prepare the waves of change will set any business or professional on a collision course with irrelevance or annihilation.

Heleniq Argyrou M.A. (Clin. Psych.)
Clinical psychologist, Sound Therapist; Drum Therapist, Drummer, Organizational and Peak Performance Trainer.

Associates and Accolades

  • Exceptional women of Excellence Award for Womens Economic Forum speeches and years of service.  
  • The Strong Institute – Rhythmic Entrainment Interventions for Autism, anxiety and neurological disorders.
  • YinAlithea – Cyprus Womens’ Conference, OGEE/ Business Professional Womens Orgnisation Limassol, Family Planning Association.
  • Ministry of Education Cyprus – invited to facilitate djembe drum workshops for all preschool and primary schools in Cyprus along with Special Needs Institute island wide.
  • Grantee and award winner for United Nations Development Project (Cyprus) ‘One Heartbeat’ peace building project Cyprus.
  • Grantee and funding recipient for United Religions Initiative (San Francisco) and its Youth World Conference (India) and project funding for “Rhythm Earth and Us” youth development project at ‘Z’ zones schools.
  • Associations with United Religions Initiative (San Francisco) ; Sri Ramanujah Trust (India) ; Sarah Kline ; the Association of Sound therapy, Spain ; United Religions Initiative, San Francisco and The Strong Institute, New Mexico ; The Ministry of Education, The N.G.O. Support Centre, Cyprus

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