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Are you a Spiritually Fit Parent ?

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Fitness is an increasingly important field. When you’re spiritually fit, you’re
more aligned with your mission, you’re tapped into intuition, you feel a
greater sense of support. And being spiritually fit influences your body in
important ways. Join me here more

For me
probably the most important thing about it is the radical change the brain goes
through. These changes are the focus of much study these days in the field of
neurobiology, neurogenesis and brainwave adjustments measured on EEGs. There
are 3 very powerful things we can do easily when we are spiritually fit. These
same things are extremely difficult for manage let alone sustain ‘easily’ when
we are not spiritually fit.

Here they
are :

Heleniq A
on her Ahanassa Goddess Awakening Within Retreat in Cyprus, for all Awakening

1. Get
really comfortable with the unknown and or invisible, which equals trust. Some
call this – Living in 5Dimensional reality. 

Handling bad attitudes from other people or negative vibes with objectivity a
balanced mind or what some call ‘equanimity’ 

Achieving greatness or accessing your potential and optimizing it. 

So many
ways exist nowadays to develop spiritually, only question is what works best

There are
many ways to develop your spiritual focus but whats’ most important for parents
is the calmness of mind state that that focus brings. Being inside the unknown
really helps because no one knows what suffering and challenges your child will
face so its probably central to your success as a parent that you learn to
handle this helplessness without freaking out or over disciplining, under
caring or even ignoring the real dangers your child faces.

Heleniq A
on the left at Teacher training course

parents get so side tracked onto micromanaging small issues they feel reflect a
disrespect when in fact is almost a cry for help…like they are revealing a
deeper inability to deal with the unknown out there, the way the world will
shape your child over time. What your child needs to learn you cannot save
h/her from ever, accept this and start seeing the beauty of life.

the 2nd quality of equanimity, learning how to observe frustrating behaviour
teaches you to respond instead of react -probably the very reason god designed
families and parents in the first place 😉 …almost like a crash course in this
kind of mindfulness that makes guiding a child lovingly in life possible,
equanimity is a saving grace when the alternative is to be constantly fighting
and breaking down, shaming and blaming your child for all s/he cannot do
yet…pointless really.

the skill or rather spiritual muscle of expecting more from ourselves is so
valuable mainly because it totally supersedes the lull and rut we can fall into
with repetition and the daily demands of life. Achieving greatness or accessing
your potential and optimizing it is not actually easy – but that’s only in the
beginning Once you get a little momentum, you’ll see that setting a slightly
higher standard, say for example to stop shouting at your child can fast become
a better feeling you have about yourself and your ability to practice this
daily is nothing short of a spiritual practice in going beyond your impulsive
reactions. It takes finesse, higher values and a emotional intelligence that
can benefit all areas of your life. Also, it is totally possible to do !

these skills, we are a total wreck lets face it. Shouting screaming demanding,
longing for what doesn’t exist and often totally distorting the reality of what
our child is capable of. Now its your turn, try one of these points of focus
this week. Time to flex that Spiritual muscle everyone and if you need any
help, you know where to find me !           

Heleniq Argyrou

Peak Performance Trainer,
Heartchild Family Ultimate Peak Performance Program Speaker +357 99238660 /
+31611101757 Skype : Ahaintelligence

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