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Rain on the grass, not on the weeds

Children often act up because they want your attention. From a psychologist with 20 years of consulting and teaching parents and families, I can definitely confirm that children love special love from their parents, this is how they measure their value. Without it they’ll take anything they can get, including attention, even negative attention. Most…

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Are you a Spiritually Fit Parent ?

Spiritual Fitness is an increasingly important field. When you’re spiritually fit, you’re more aligned with your mission, you’re tapped into intuition, you feel a greater sense of support. And being spiritually fit influences your body in important ways. Join me here more For me probably the most important thing about it is the radical change…

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Excellent parenting means getting your Life, Love and Work In Flow

Parenting requires a relaxed adult offering guidance and advice, setting boundaries and most of all understanding the needs of his or her child. This kind of empathic tone is hard to harness when life is crazy chaotic or clumsy, so lets look at what can be done to create that. A calm organized and flowing…

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No Bad Children

“Realize that whatever a child does, we may label as bad, the child is doing the best he can. It’s our job as parents to find out why [s/he is] doing it” Naomi Aldort. Understanding the meaning behind your child’s behavior is one way for you to also grow. Really when we are “Raising Our…

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The Only New Games For Kids

We are living in interesting times and possibly a time that will forever mark the evolution of our species. With Rhinos among the latest array of wild animals becoming extinct, natural disasters on the increase and adapt or die media blasts, its clear our planet is changing. Technology is the father of this change and…

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