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Excellent parenting means getting your Life, Love and Work In Flow

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requires a relaxed adult offering guidance and advice, setting boundaries and
most of all understanding the needs of his or her child. This kind of empathic
tone is hard to harness when life is crazy chaotic or clumsy, so lets look at
what can be done to create that. A calm organized and flowing personal and
professional life that allows spirituality and love to blossom.

adults, and parents have a multitude of demand put on them beyond those they
put on themselves. In this article we will touch onto four central aspects of
life that need to be well balanced for parenting to be successful. On a side
not, all parenting is totally possible when life is chaotic, but it is less
effective and obviously potentially dangerous in offering less quality time to
children, more reactive decision making because of less patience and also
punishing or negative approaches to childrens challenging behavior overall.

To circumvent
a harmful or even at times dangerous parenting approach requires you the adult
to have a handle on your life. Only then can you have the ‘space’ and empathy
to really offer what a child needs daily, routine, understanding, guidance
patience and care. So best is to consider getting your Life, Love, Spirit and
Work into a good flow with the following tips and tools.


Make sure
you are balancing your own needs in your life. You know the drill, good
exercise, lots of greens and cruciferous vegetables, low coffee dairy and meat
acids which slow digestion and lessen energy overall. One thing to add is to be
looking at your  overall attitude because
nothing saps your life juice than feeling resigned and cynical about your daily
flow. Of and if you are calling it a ‘grind’ that a giveaway that you need


love really takes discipline and communication which are both really
challenging to do well and often. Without these two primary skills we become
reactive and grumpy when others don’t fulfill our expectations. To learn easy
and helpful way to higher love you can join the Higherlove facebook group for
helpful tips and tools.


Work consumes
70% of our waking hours with a Gallop poll showing 87% of people are disengaged
in their jobs rendering work one of the most dysfunctional concepts of human
society today. Can you imagine … large segments of humanity are spending
large chunks of their time at work, only to feel largely unfulfilled. Worst still,
it “extracts” so much out of us that it could be the beginning of a way of
life is essentially broken.
One way
to fix it is to understand your life purpose and direction better.

To know your gifts talents and areas of genius so
you can start working smart, inspired and not hard and angry, it helps to really
take stock f it all and fix what you can, shift a little what you cant and or
start a whole new direction if you are ready for that.. Here is how you can
find out, take the step to get on a call about your personal 9 Style of
Leadership for Life and Health Balance and follow the Truth about Peak
performance Group posts about taking brain breaks and sleep boosting,
neuroscience of success and way more called Heleniq A Consuting.

three sure ways of getting the life work balance and lovelife rejuvenated helps
parenting aquires a relaxed approach where guidance and advice, setting
boundaries and deeper  understanding of
the needs of his or her child can unfold. Finding your flow even, ways to work
more blissfully and feel thrilled with your outcomes help boost your personal
and professional so you can be the parent you always wished you could be. A
parent beyond the multitude of demands, a parent with lifechanging inspiration
to share.

Heleniq Argyrou

Peak Performance Trainer,
Heartchild Family Ultimate Peak Performance Program Speaker +357 99238660 /
+31611101757 Skype : Ahaintelligence

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