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Silverhouse Sanctuary

I invite you and your colleagues to visit and stay in Silverhouse Sanctuary that is situated in The Ayioi Anargyri. Recharge, rejuvenate on retreats, group sessions, and be empowered by healing environment. As Cyprus is the island of love dedicated to goddess Aphrodite, Sanctuary also filled with a loving vibe. It is for your special Cyprus Soul holiday: mountainous fruit tree terrain, spectacular views, funky decor, stonebuilt, huge private vine courtyard.

A beautiful village Sanctuary is open for rent with spectacular views, weekly, monthly and can accommodate up to 14 people.

For more information you may check HERE or get in touch via email:

Workshops Retreats and Seminars for 2019, visit also :

Netherlands - 

Drumahanassa 26 May - €69 - Rotterdam Park Charloi - meet at the Animal farm

The frame drum is the original drum and symbolises all of creation. Connected to the  sacred sites and temples of Cyprus and ancient Greece this creative path of rhythmic transformation and divine feminine ceremonies with sound meditation humming and drumming was used for cleansing and communion between women. For beginners and intermediate drummers this is a workshop for all to follow on the Master Israeli drummer Zohar Frescos composition, 2 drums are provided and drums can also be ordered.

Dreamself DrumShaman 8 June  - €75 - Weteringschans 74, Amsterdam

Jyh-Horng Chen of the National Taipei Taiwan University co-led a study in which “results demonstrate a correlation between pineal activation and religious meditation". Chen believes they have profound implications in the physiological understanding of mind, spirit and soul. Using drums and specific rhythms triggering specific neurotransmission in the brain, we activate a new G spot for our future wellbeing which knows no time or space. It is here and then that we connect with higher levels of reality, imagine and create service of our highest actions, becoming our own shaman.

Cyprus - 

Free mentoring for Entrepreneurs and Business women - 3 May 6pm

This female leadership event there in Limassol Crown Plaza Hotel is a great place to ask questions and find out more about how to grow and expand. So if you ever wanted to start a business, speak publically, write a book, promote what you do,or become a Changemaker for our epic times, join us here are the details :

Female Leadership Introductory Workshop  - 5 May 3-6pm

Cyprus - Silverhouse DrumAhanassa Divine Feminine Frame Drum Retreat - 29 -1 August

The frame drum is the original drum and symbolises all of creation. Experience the sacred sites and temples related to this ancient creative path of rhythmic transformation and divine feminine ceremonies with sound meditation humming and drumming. For beginners and intermediate drummers and drummers assisting.


Silverhouse Djembe Heart of Rhythm Retreat -  6-8 September €650 includes meals and accommodation.

Francis Debradere visiting teacher from Nganga Belgium and Heleniq A.

Learn Djembe rhythms and ways to become more expressive, confident and skillfull on the African

Djembe drum. Drums are provided and you can bring your own.

Descartes was right when he argued in 1649 that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul.

Brain scans suggest that the area surrounding the gland is activated when people meditate.

Learn to play on your own drum using meditative trance rhythm for self realisation. Discover a new rhythmic highway that activates the brain regions and synchronises hemispheres so you can connect to the unified field of consciousness and deepen a vision for your higher destiny !

For booking to any of these please email

Heleniq Argyrou M.A. Peak Performance Trainer, Speaker

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