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Welcome, to the most epic time in human history !

You know you were meant to be here right now, an evolving soul, loving life and the way your journey is unfolding.Only sometimes you can’t help feeling a little frustrated or not quite in balance with it all.Even though you’ve done so much work on yourself and even times touched higher states with deep spiritual meaning, moments of peace and bliss, there still are those times when it you just lose your focus. Sometimes you even lose your way, things just falls apart and it takes forever to get back on track. You hang in there, you try and yes, finally you get back up and get into the flow again. If you could just flow a little longer each time…
Well you can, but its going to take something to reach that higher frequency and stay there longer and stronger than ever before.

We know what its like, we have been there,maybe like us, we were once, now you

  • Are not quite earning what you should, meeting who you would like to …
  • Are not really fulfilled with what you’ve accomplished,
  • Feel unsure sometimes if you can really get ‘there’
  • Feeling tired when you wake up and not really able to focus well some days
  • Struggle to stay focused on things, there is so much going on normally
  • Need more from your spiritual practice, more results
  • Want to achieve a higher state of stability, strength and stamina !
  • Fluster with your morning wake up routine, not managing to get it stable
  • You so want things to feel easier after all this work you have done on yourself
  • Don’t have a morning wake up routine !

Well, you just may have found what you’ve been looking for, right here. There is something that can be done, there are untapped resources that you can develop and even master, and we can show you how. In fact we would love to, we live exactly for this purpose. Inspired and enigmatically directed towards helping ourselves and others reach higher states of consciousness, we not only know how, we have made it a beautiful process filled with exciting activities.


Sarah Kline and Heleniq  Argyrou blend years of clinical practice,  a lifetimes study of spiritual science in exercises that advance your consciousness !


Sarah Kline certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor, yoga teacher trainer and licensed crisis counselor with St. John’s Hospital.; trained and certified in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) & EMDR.



Heleniq Argyrou (M.A.) is a  innovative clinical psychologist, sound and drum therapist, naad yoga teacher, trainer and group facilitator; trained in N.L.P., hypnosis, enneagram typology, cognitive behavioural therapy, applied psychology, and esoteric.

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