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The Enemy Is In You


Your enemy is in you!

Here is an excellent exercise taught by Arnold Mindell on ways to resolve conflict you may have with another. This is a great way to generate more of your ‘Emotional  IQ’.Inner work to resolve conflict exercise: Focus on your inner space feeling your unique self inside. Consider now you will start to think about a person who upsets you or shocks and frustrates you in your life. Ask yourself …What is the Little you – your normal self is like ?Can you show that sketch it in space the energy jog the little you …Ask yourself …Start to think about a person who upsets you or shocks and frustrates you and describe his or her energy and explain what about her him that disturbs you ?What is about them that you get upset by ?Do you remember a time you tried to work or discuss this with him or her ?Now What is the most disturbing energy in her or him … we call it the x energy. Can you show it with your hands or a movement, can you sketch it ?What is the energy or character of this personWhat is the energy or character of the other person.Consider their experience of their …Space – atmosphere and general way they consider the space around them. What is her sense of space like ?Describe or explain it ? Sketch it and give it a name ….?Time – sense of time and way they consider the urgency or speed of timeWhat is time like in his or her world ?Describe and sketch and name this.Now we try an experience of light, relax and let go of all that and try to sense the universe as it moves you about. Feel into your dream body allowing the space and time around you moving you. Breathe deeply, follow spontaneous movements that come up and open up to many types of enemies and emotions around. Continue until to feel yourself in a bit of an altered state outside of  what’s normal for you …Then consider your experience of light.When you are outside of your ordinary state.Then sense what is it like for the other person.Understand then more deeply why they are like that using your inner light and awareness and now start to feel this space and time of the other person.Why she or he is like that ?How are you like that ?How do you have their world somehow in yourself sometimes ?Perhaps part of your world that you forgot or wanted to forget ?Look for their eyes to yourself and give yourself a tip from their perspective.

Review : How can you use all this to relate differently with this insight ?Notice the magical moment when you begin to feel the other persons space and time. It is very shamanistic way of moving into the other dimension of space and time. Let go into the empty mind state, this is a practice. Using your light to understand their ‘galaxy’. Everyone has a unique world they live in a unique universe and galaxy of experience and understanding always unfolding in each moment.

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