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The One Thing They Don’t Know About Flow

What is the Flow State, you might ask?

Interestingly enough the psychological research reveals that there are a few ways to develop more flow in your life. By more flow, we mean more smoothness and ease and peaked ability to produce results with less effort. We also mean an entirely new design for life as you know it though.

You see, the flow state is the new cutting edge of consciousness, mindset or attitude, whatever you prefer to call mental abilities that transcend the average level of intelligent thought and action. What most don’t know about flow though is, that it is ‘the state’ for which talked about all gurus, saints, and sages of all time. It redesigns all aspects of your life and becomes the ‘source code for intrinsic motivation’. Many triggers can be used to develop and maximise this flow state which is neuro-biologically nourishing and highly stimulating for the brain and when you get there, into the zone, that it is, there is also a surprise emotion unlike any other.

So you know five definitives about the flow state already, one, it is highly sought after the peak of awareness and highly developed mental ability. Two, it is ‘above’ or beyond or alternate to normal intelligence. Three, is that it is highly beneficial nourishing and stimulating for the brain and five, well that’s a secret emotion that will be revealed at the end. One more aspect of the flow state is being in the moment, the power of now.

Creativity can trigger it – and if you look at creativity you see there is pattern recognition and risk taking involved. In fact, high mental, emotional and physical unpredictability, is what creates risk, and risk drives innovation.

It seems our brains are capable of an alternative master plan, replacing the established industrial mindset with something not short of ecstatic. Also, another helpful fact to realise is to understand that flow is not on or off, it is a four-part cycle. This means you can develop more as you move along the spectrum.

To help you see the true magnificent brilliance of our brains notice the following states that escalate somehow in the flow state:

First state: Struggle,

The solution: keep pushing until you explode through it

Second state: Relaxation,

The solution: do a puzzle or model building exercise

Third and Fourth state: Learning and Consolidation,

The solution: an emotional low state may arrive and this is when you can take time out to rest and integrate while remembering to objectively accept the low feelings as impermanent.

With its significant transcendental quality it seems that the state of self mastery is an inbuilt mechanism in our brains that allows us to experience an optimisation of sort. Mother nature and the collective field of existence interacts with each body mind sack of cells in a cosmic dance. Embodying all the intricacies that so many thought leaders have tried to explain, this ‘zone’ has fascinated and motivated so many to seek the truth of their existence. It is in this state that we have mystical insights into the world and our entire existence. We feel one with all and still the best kept secret of all, is the deeply felt, profound and ever so quiet feeling of ecstasy. A culminating force of pleasure and gratitude, a feeling well worth pursuing one that gives life its ultimate meaning, its optimisation.
Watch the flow state in action with this 40k views video

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