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The Only New Games For Kids


We are living in
interesting times and possibly a time that will forever mark the evolution of
our species. With Rhinos among the latest array of wild animals becoming extinct,
natural disasters on the increase and adapt or die media blasts, its clear our
planet is changing. Technology is the father of this change and there are
numerous reasons to hold this father at a distance but also a few that call him
closer, especially for children of the coming age. 

When checking in my bag at
the airport he other day in Schipol airport on route to Australia, The lady I
called over to help me, said I would have to learn to check in my bag
electronically myself. She pointed to the machine holding my bag about to issue
an electronic ticket, affectionately and said

“this is my new colleague”
and assured me that the machine knew that my bag needed to be routed directly
to Australia. Here was me, thinking I was smarter than the machine and that it
couldn’t possibly know how to send my bag to the final destination.

Children are living in
this new world, digital nomads everyone they drink coffee, laptops gadgets and
machines are their new friends, peers and playmates and off course you already
know this. Only problem is, children probably have not developed the ‘polarity
‘ in their thinking yet to have the kind of love hate relationship with
technology that adults are soon developing and this is why you are their

A little wiser about the
impact of too much tech, you are their guide in this new world, hopefully
reassuring them about the greater game of life which must include a healthy
life and tech balance. Thjs is what you must teach them. If you do not, the
world out there will bring nothing but persuasive messaging about the ease and
convenience of it all and later they crash from symptoms from overload.

As a clinician – a clinical
psychologist involved in various intensive family harmony meltdowns over the
years – positive discipline is always the medicine together with quality time.
Kids need boundaries to feel safe, boundaries about all things that can damage
or hurt them when they occur.

This is why learning to
play the greater game of life must involve positive discipline around
technology. This however is not enough, we must provide a healthy alternative
nature and quality time will do it every time. 

If you need some convincing
let me assure you that technology can become a detriment because it slows down
social skill and life skill learning, increases anxiety and depression,
distraction, narcissism and most importantly it reinforces the greatest false
reality of all- instant gratification.

Millennials show lesser
abilities to stick to their jobs, the game of life, the challenge in relationships
and what with fast food as a precursor its obvious to see that they don’t
believe older adults when we say… “Things take time”. Its time to try another
approach, quality time !

Fay and Kersey agree, the
best reward for a kid is time with the parents. That quality time is key to a
happy, well-behaved child and if each parent spent 15 minutes connecting with a
child every day one on one, many behavioral changes occur especially if you do
something your child wants to do during that time. Whisper in their ear how
wonderful they are, how much you love them. … It’s the best investment you can
make in your child.”  

Find out the real reason
kids crave technology and what you can do about it in a free discovery call
with Heleniq A by emailing

Heleniq Argyrou

Peak Performance Trainer,
Heartchild Family Ultimate Peak Performance Program Speaker +357 99238660 /
+31611101757 Skype : Ahaintelligence

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