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Women of Truth LP


November TWENTY EIGHTH, 2020 FIVE – SEVEN pm mastermind Meet the Experts 
January NINTH, 2021 ELEVEN- SIX pm conference 
October First – Tenth, 2021 Live Conference in Cyprus 

Why does the body say NO!.. Why do women get sick ? How can they get better ?

In answer to these questions, holistic approaches and integrative medicinal practices are fast becoming the new solution for a growing number of health concerns that face the modern women. Integrative health experts, doctors, spiritual teachers and therapists articulate the challenge and provide solutions to the rising conflicts between superwoman have it all and “you’re not good enough” messaging in our society. They dive deep dive into body and mind integration to see where spirit meets science to understand disease, chronic illness to present sustainable health solutions.

Meet the Women of Truth


Helen Argyrou

Heleniq A is an innovative Clinical Psychologist, Peak Performance Expert and Speaker Change Leader. Delving into neuroscience resulted into her pivoting her expertise into Peak Performance to train and develop thought leaders and paradigm shifters. She has special talent in integrating science and spirituality, revitalizing education, coaching pioneers and elevating new style thinking on business excelsior epic female leaders for the future. Leadership Coaching and Visibility Publicity Services for global female leaders




Deborah Cherney

Deborah Cherrey left the corporate world to a journey of healing, inspiration and empowerment. A Life Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, and Intuitive, she is passionate about living her best life.  A leap of faith took her towards her purpose of inspiring the personal growth and evolvement of others and aligning the mind, body, and soul.  She will support you in navigating your own personal journey to find direction through the darkness and create the life of your dreams. 

Dr Shruti Nada Proddar

Vibrational Healer; Musician, Poet, Founder Shruti Foundation; Heritage Conservationist, Educationist, Entrepreneur Healing/Hospitality/Tourism

Dr Shruti Nada Proddar is a vibrational healer with an extensive palette of tools, skills and the following specialties: Musician, Vibrational Healer, Mentor, Founder, Shruti Foundation(Non-Profit), Founder – Nada Vibronics Healing Ecosystem, Heritage Conservationist, Convener INTACH Sikar Churu Jhunjhunu Chapter, Convener-WE ASC Education Culture Congress, Teacher of Indic Wisdom, Film Maker, Involved deeply with Education, Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Educational Management, Music and Healing, Pedagogy, Traditional Knowledge Systems, Women’s Empowerment, Sciences, Village Development, Environment, Indian Wisdom, Indigenous healing, Vibrational healing, Motivational speaking, Anthropology, Upanishads, Vedic wisdom.


Dr Eline Pedersen

Doctor of Chiropractic

Eline graduated with a Bachelor and a Master Degree from Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2004. Since her student days she has proactively worked with a multidisciplinary approach where the patient is at the centre of their health care, respected, informed and offered the best available evidence-based practice from his or her chosen health team. She has dedicated her career to understanding the effect of birth trauma to the developing child, and the pregnant and

birthing woman’s health and wellbeing in transition to motherhood. She loves the chiropractic role in the multidisciplinary birthing team working together for the best possible birth outcome by reducing the chances for both physical, chemical and emotional stress and trauma during pregnancy, birth and childhood years.

In 2014 she took the initiative to the now well recognised non profit organisation Birth Forward in Cyprus founded by health professionals, parents and individuals with a common passion for improving the birthing culture and high statistics of interventions at birth. As the president of Birth Forward Eline has a real passion for the organisation’s activities by giving support, empowerment and education. The aim of the organisation is to foster multidisciplinary collaboration in bringing

awareness of the European Medical Guidelines and the latest research. 

on evidence based birth practice while supporting the natural birth process when possible.She received several awards for her inspirational work in Cyprus and Beyond. She enjoys her chiropractic life with her family of two lovely boys and fellow chiropractic husband Costas dividing their time between their clinics in Scotland and Cyprus.


Clarissa Kristjansson

Midlife and Menopause Transition coach

 Clarissa is an internationally recognized Midlife and Menopause Transition coach & mentor. She helps women to navigate midlife transitions with a fresh perspective. She empowers them to shift their mindset to create more resilience and adaptability. And to see this lifestage as an opportunity for reinvention and revitalization.

She is the host of Thriving Thru Menopause podcast, a keynote speaker and best selling author. A neuroscientist and former corporate high flyer Clarissa has 28 years of experience leading transformational change. In 2013 Clarissa suffered burnout during her perimenopause. She was mentored by and trained some of the world’s experts in the Mind-Body Field.  She realized that the key to living well was to develop compassion for our minds. To shift from blaming and criticizing ourselves, or self-dislike,  to being curious about how our minds work; understanding and taking responsibility to try as best we can to feel more in control and at peace with ourselves.

Dr Sarah Larsen

Medical Intuitive, Founder of Miracle Makers Academy Executive Wellness Coach, International Retreats, Speaker

With a degree as a Medical Doctor from the Medical University of the Americas she also has training & expertise include: Allopathetic Medicine (Western), Ayurvedic Medicine (Eastern), Epigenetics, Edgar Cayce Medicine, Gersion Therapy, Homeopathy, Energy Healing & Anthroposophic Medicine.
Certified master trainer & facilitator of:
Neuro Linguistics Programming, Hypnotism, Emotional Freedom Technique
Post Graduate Education and Training

Phoenix Na Gig

Phoenix holds traditional academic qualifications to Masters level.  She has also worked as a Clinical Teaching Associate at the University of Oxford on a well-woman’s project to teach Medical Students and Junior Doctors a patient-centred approach to gynaecological examinations. She is now 3 Years Ongoing as a Course Guide Teacher – in Womb Cycle Embodiment – Birthing Sexual Sovereignty Module at Sofiah Thom of Temple Body Arts School, Costa Rica

“Life can be beautiful. I’m so blessed to have experienced some profound awakenings with the Divine Feminine after and through healing deep trauma and my old life of living with  PTSD, from experiences in both childhood and adulthood. I also found healing after surgery in my womb, and later, miscarriage to have generated a really healthy and empowered cycle and deep Yoni love. 

I’ve awakened many magical gifts of the Feminine life force in my heart, body and soul through listening to the Goddess, Temple Dance, womb, earth, meditation, yoga and connecting with mother earth and the the Atlantic Ocean. My deepest love.” 


Dr Sabine Wünschmann

A cutting edge holistic Gynaecologist and Obstetirician in private practice with over 30 years serving women internationally. She also is the founder of Hormone Harmony TM , an online 1:1 program and Hormone Harmony TM Booster helping women worldwide in Menopause and Perimenopause heal naturally from symptoms related to hormonal imbalances by addressing the root cause without taking medication.



International Author, Publisher, Speaker, Mentor

Angelica Underwood is a leader, mentor, change catalyst, and human learning expert. She is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, peak performance and personal development, learning, organizational turnaround, and served as an advisor to leaders. Her focus is changing poverty consciousness and helping individuals, struggling learners, and business owners conquer the chaos of their business or life by helping them take authentic action.

Angelica is a zealous, recognized speaker, coach and consultant, transformational expert who is committed in taking people to the next level and motivating them to create momentum. She has been a Director for Special Education in one of the biggest districts in Texas where students have made significant gains. She has been a campus administrator, master teacher, mentor, staff development director within her department, and founder of Angelic Touch Wellness Center (healing and transformational center), Unified MINDS Academy (online middle and high school alternative program), and 


Viola Edwards

Viola has been pioneering and developing mental health fitness and wellbeing in the workplace since the nineties, bridging the space between breathwork therapy and business management. She now works internationally with individual and corporate clients in a cross pollination between self-development, management and leadership. As a creative entrepreneur, she is a synergist, developing innovative schemes. She recently introduced breathwork to rehabilitation from addiction, a theme in her life that she successfully overcame. Viola is a multiple-award winner, including: – Doctorate Honoris Causa, Aspirational Woman and Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring. She is the author of two books: – “Breathing the Rhythm of Success”, “Who Makes the Bed?” and co-author of 8 more. She is the founder of Feminine Capital Forum, co-owner of Kayana Breathwork and GRIT Academy. Viola also sits on the boards of several magazines and NGO’s and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and also Gender Rights. Viola’s clients and colleagues call her “Master Mentor and Connector”. She’s particularly valued for her intuition, experience, integrity and creativity. Her motto is “Together is Better”.




Heleniq is an inspirational leader with integrity and is talented across many fields!

 This was demonstrated by the awe-inspiring Yinalithea 2 day Conference she organised in Limassol, Cyprus in September 2019. I was honoured to be a speaker as an educator on work-life balance model & as a business strategist on a financial model sharing my personal story for the first time in public! I attended the Rotterdam Women of Truth Conference in November 2019; every single speaker in Heleniq ‘s conferences are truly inspirational women with a message to inspire other women. Thank-you Heleniq, for all the collaborations with the Women Business Initiative International where we first met. I would highly recommend you attend one of Heleniq’s events!

NIRA SATGURU  //  Executive Board Member at Women’s Business Initiative

I know Heleniq for a year now and had the pleasure to meet-up and work with her in different settings. 

Heleniq is an excellent networker and great speaker, both online as well as live. She shows her commitment as an active participant in many expat / international communities. I had the honor to be invited by her as a speaker at her first Women of Truth conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2019 and was very pleased by the way she prepared and promoted the event. I can highly recommend her as a partner for a project on gender, vision, and visibility.

ERICA VAN ENGEL  //  Founder Of Belief in Business And Styles With A Story



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