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Women of Truth LP

Thought leaders who teach conscious business  
Free Interviews 20-26 September

Follow up Masterclasses September - December 

With online activities and digital marketing advancing at AN epic rate, it''s clear we need a shift in perspective.

The paradigm is shifting.
It's time to drop the masks to let go of the persona.

It's time to get stronger and show your vulnerability.

Let's be honest..

We are all realising that as the market gets more saturated, consumers get smarter. They don't buy from businesses,
they buy from people. Many don't buy from just anyone, they don't want to be sold to and they certainly demand more genuine

This marked growing trend some are calling Truth Marketing and it's all about alignment, integrity and likens to
what psychologists teach; actualisation.

Actualising means becoming your best self... where you realise there is an inner game of success.

Aligning with higher values in your business approach and lining up with your deeper truth is what will separate the music
from the noise. Our Thought leaders will show you the way...

Thought leaders steeped deep in their own personal power present decades of Expertise to support great change on
our planet.

These business owners teach robust tried and tested growth strategies, business development
and for our forever changing business climate and truth marketing.
They have a special touch that invites the inside out and turns the down.. UP!

still not convinced?

Meet the women of truth


Masterclass: Speaking Your Truth to Shift Paradigms

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 2nd 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 22nd 7PM CET

Hand downs, by most who know her well, Heleniq is experienced as a unique and deeply inspiring individual, accent on the individual. She is an award winning innovator and forecaster, a true luminary for our times.

Standing on the heads of human behaviour giants, she specialises in epic leadership, rhythm and neuroscience.
As a peak performance expert and drummer, her gift is to merge spirit with science. With clients like from the European Commission, BMW, Ethicon Products, Vodacom and the United Nations Development Projects to Universities, hospitals and Montessori schools.



Masterclass: Turning Every Stranger Into An Ally

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 30th 10am CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 21st 7pm

International Multiple Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Business Mentor, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Best-Selling Author. “Woman Who Means Business” feature in Oprah Magazine 2020. Women Economic Forum's "Women of the Decade" Award in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital. Speaker at the United Nations for the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

Guest Judge and Investor on #1 Digital Business Show."Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch". Speaker in Feature Documentary movie “Impact” to be released late 2020. Producer of “SpeakUP” on Amazon Prime Video. Best-Selling Author of "Success Breakthroughs" with the legendary Jack Canfield. As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Featured leading Entrepreneur 2018 in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today

Ahana lara

Masterclass: Authority Marketing

Masterclass Dates, Times:

October 24th 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 20th 1PM CET

Ahana Lara is a content marketing specialist and business transformation coach with over 20 years of marketing and communications experience, and a decade of helping solo and small business owners create high growth business online.

As a marketer, she has worked on consulting projects with companies like The Body Shop, Autodesk, Panasonic, and Watsons Singapore. Through her experience in marketing with big and small businesses, she has created "market domination" programs and services under Rise and Be Rich and Ahana Lara Coaching

Alex Vitillo gabal

Masterclass: Wealth and Wellbeing, Money and Magic

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 16th 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 24th 1PM CET

Alex is a Leading Shamanic Priestess of Wealth and Wellbeing. She helps heart-centred coaches and soul’s driven entrepreneurs to heal past traumas to smash through the 6-figure income ceiling consistently in their business.

Alex has unique skills of identifying and healing traumas, releasing the hidden blocks to abundance and old scarcity programming running in the background of her clients’ personal and business life. Most of her clients are unaware of how these programmes affect, not only, their life and also how they impact their business.


Masterclass: The Energetics of Conscious Business

Masterclass Dates, Times:

October 3rd 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 26th 10AM CET

Shivany Gonell is s a highly sought-after women’s empowerment coach, spiritual business coach, master energy healer, psychic, inspirational speaker, co-author of “The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women” and has been featured on Self Discovery Radio and New Human Living and on the Kat Kanavos TV Show.


Masterclass: B2B Branding in a changing world

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 23rd 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 23rd 7AM CET

Jennifer Deemers is an international consultant for directors, her background is in communication and working with international teams.


Masterclass: The Future of Business Development. Predictions from Worldwide XLeap Survey

Masterclass Dates, Times:

October 31st 10AM

Interview Dates, Times:

September 20th 7PM

Nimisha Bhardwaj is an experienced Marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. She is skilled in Business Strategy, International Marketing, Supply chain, operations, Sales, Market Research, Management, and Content Marketing. Strong media and communications professional with an MBA focused on Marketing. 


Masterclass: How to Be Seen by a Wider Audience and Pitch Article Ideas to Editors.

Masterclass Dates, Times:

September 28th 7 - 8:30PM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 22nd 1PM CET

Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, publisher and editor of Holistic Bliss Magazine, a free, monthly, holistic lifestyle magazine read in over 30 countries. The magazine is in its 12th year and provides more than 60,000 readers with uplifting and empowering content across all aspects of living. The magazine itself is a vehicle for change, assisting businesses to be seen and grow, as well as providing a platform for individual business owners to express their uniqueness.


Masterclass: Unified Conscious Strategy that Sells

Masterclass Dates, Times:

October 10th 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 21st 10AM CET

Angelica Underwood is a leader, mentor, change catalyst, and human learning expert. She is a recognised authority on the psychology of leadership, peak performance and personal development, learning, organisational turnaround, and served as an advisor to leaders. Her focus is changing poverty consciousness and helping individuals, struggling learners, and business owners conquer the chaos of their business or life by helping them take authentic action.

also featuring

matt shaver

Masterclass: The Client Attraction Solution. Support and More Support. 

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 9th 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 25th 7PM CET

Matt Shaver is a marketing expert with a focus on implementation and hands free marketing for busy entrepreneurs.

toby anres

Masterclass: The Client Attraction Solution. Support and More Support.

Masterclass Dates, Times:

November 9th 10AM CET

Interview Dates, Times:

September 25th 7PM CET

Toby Anres is a marketing expert with a focus on social media and hands free marketing for busy entrepreneurs. 

Heleniq is an inspirational leader with integrity and is talented across many fields!

 This was demonstrated by the awe-inspiring Yinalithea 2 day Conference she organised in Limassol, Cyprus in September 2019. I was honoured to be a speaker as an educator on work-life balance model & as a business strategist on a financial model sharing my personal story for the first time in public! I attended the Rotterdam Women of Truth Conference in November 2019; every single speaker in Heleniq 's conferences are truly inspirational women with a message to inspire other women. Thank-you Heleniq, for all the collaborations with the Women Business Initiative International where we first met. I would highly recommend you attend one of Heleniq's events!

NIRA SATGURU  //  Executive Board Member at Women's Business Initiative

I know Heleniq for a year now and had the pleasure to meet-up and work with her in different settings. 

Heleniq is an excellent networker and great speaker, both online as well as live. She shows her commitment as an active participant in many expat / international communities. I had the honor to be invited by her as a speaker at her first Women of Truth conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2019 and was very pleased by the way she prepared and promoted the event. I can highly recommend her as a partner for a project on gender, vision, and visibility.

ERICA VAN ENGEL  //  Founder Of Belief in Business And Styles With A Story

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