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Growth Mindset

Some people see challenges as a puzzle to solve while some see then as an opportunity to grow. Others see obstacles as threats.Join this group webinars 3 month trainings based on neuro-scientific research and studies on stamina that develop a toolkit for success in all areas.

For those ready to shift paradigms, stretch outside of what they know they dont want to be limited by anymore, €197 p/month

Where :

Dates :

October -3 Training webinars Wednesdays 9, 16, 23 October
November -3 Training webinars Wednesdays 6, 13, 20 November
December -3 Training webinars Wednesdays 4, 11, 18 December

Registrations: email and make payment now to BANK OF CYPRUS,
Account Number : 05500006878600

Swift :BCYPCY2N, IBAN :CY820020055000000000 0687 8600

Time : 830pm CET

Still others see obstacles as a ' sign' they cannot succeed. Point is, how you view the barriers to achieving your goals affects how you react. This has an everlasting impact on your success in life and science now proves it.

If you see obstacles as the world being against you or as meaning you failed, then you are likely to be overwhelmed with painful thoughts and difficult emotions, so failure exists for you and cuts you down ultimately effecting your sense of self worth.

When faced with an obstacle maybe you feel any number of emotion that urge you to take certain actions that are not always helpful. Perhaps you immediately experience fear telling you to escape the situation, that you are in danger or shame that forces you to hide. Often these emotions get in the way and once again you avoid carrying on with the challenge. To understand the actions associated with the emotions, try this fabulous atlas of emotions.

Your reactions to obstacles can stop you from trying. You see some people encounter obstacles to a goal in a way that stops them, while others gain energy from “the haters” and the challenges life presents. The ability to bounce back from adversity and stay persistent with your passions—especially when things get tough—are traits of highly successful individuals. Though some individuals seem more predisposed to it stamina is something you can develop, and the capacity to learn and grow in adversity can be taught.

So you can :

  1. Get optimistic enough to continue even after multiple failures, and during tough times when everyone else gives up, for that 'bounce back' factor.
  2. Develop 'grit' to help you build the “perseverance and passion for long-term goals"and see why normal stamina wont do.
  3. Build a 'growth mindset' by learning to get strong in the 4 defining factors of 1) Beliefs in yourself 2) The Small Pivot about Goal Setting 3) Strengthening your social connectedness 4) Mastering the skill of self-regulation, what is it and how to maximise it.
  4. Learn the Six Ways for this Growth Mindset to Peak your Performance on all levels of life, love and leadership.

Bounce back from failure and increase your passion and perseverance towards reaching a long-term goal with this powerful consistent incremental skills training. Based on neuro-scientific research and studies on stamina. You can start now by reading this article and diarise the first training webinar Wednesday 9 October 830pm CET. Join us on zoom here

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women of truth

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